Kathy Griffin Says She Ended Her Friendship With Anderson Cooper Over ‘Trump Picture’

(Photo by Ray Tamarra/Getty Images)

Earlier this year, Kathy Griffin shocked the internet when she released a picture of herself holding a beheaded Donald Trump. The graphic picture was met with immediate backlash and forced Griffin to publicly apologize. For Griffin the backlash appeared to be hard to deal with to the point that her friendships became tested. One of her notable friends, CNN anchor, Anderson Cooper looked to have kept his distance during the backlash. And according to Griffin, never reached out to check on her during the immediate controversy. In a new interview with The Cut, Griffin went on to talk about the aftermath of the picture and how she ended her friendship with former colleague, Anderson Cooper.

Griffin’s best-known celebrity friendship, going back 17 years, is with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. But after TMZ published the photo, Cooper came under tremendous pressure to repudiate it. Without reaching out to Griffin, he tweeted the same night: “For the record, I am appalled by the photo shoot Kathy Griffin took part in. It is clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate.” Griffin acknowledges that Cooper was in an untenable position, but she feels that their long friendship afforded her a call or text message beforehand….In the following days, Griffin says four of Cooper’s CNN colleagues reached out repeatedly to Griffin to check on her and offer private support (I independently confirmed this). But Cooper didn’t contact Griffin until August 10, CNN confirmed to me…On July 26, when asked about Griffin on Andy Cohen’s talk show, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Cooper claimed that Griffin was still a friend….The fact that Cooper was telling people publicly they were friends, while not checking in with her, hurt Griffin deeply. When he finally reached out to her in a series of text messages, she told him their friendship was over.


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