Katt Williams Addresses Tiffany Haddish Comments And Wanda Smith Incident

We may never know exactly what took place this past weekend, involving Katt Williams and radio personality Wanda Smith. As reported, following a roasting session, Williams was confronted by Smith’s husband at a comedy club in Atlanta, GA. According to police reports, a gun was on the scene in which Williams reportedly told police the gun was pointed at him. Last night while picking up his Emmy in Los Angeles, TMZ caught up with Katt to ask what really happened in Atlanta and his initial comments on Tiffany Haddish. Katt appears to apologize for his public criticism on Haddish’s career. Both Tiffany and Katt have gone on to confirm that there was no beef between them.

Katt plays more than coy here … he’s just downright speaking in riddles with us. But, he does make one thing clear — the sitch would’ve been far more direr if a gun was involved.