Katt Williams Avoids Immediate Jail Time Over Assault Case, Due To Witness No-Show

Katt Williams

Katt Williams will not be going to jail as of right now,  TMZ reports. Due to a court no-show from three key witnesses connected to an alleged assault of his bodyguard , Katt is still a free man. News of this comes a little over a week after it was revealed that Williams is facing 6 months of jail time for another case.

For once, Katt Williams benefited from a courtroom no-show — prosecutors have dropped an attempt to revoke his probation and lock him up immediately. The D.A. in Hall County, GA filed a motion to revoke Katt’s bond in one of his criminal cases — an alleged assault on his bodyguard. The hearing went down Wednesday, but 3 subpoenaed witnesses for the prosecution failed to show up … and as a result the motion was withdrawn. Katt was not in court to celebrate his victory.

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