Katt Williams Crashes REVOLT Award Ceremony And Delivers Speech On Culture

While out in Los Angeles, Katt Williams found himself speaking on behalf of music mogul Andre Harrell. The moment which caught many who attended the event off-guard looks to have been done with Harrell’s blessing. As he was announced to win an award at the REVOLT Culture Creators event at Mr. C Beverly Hills Hotel; Katt took to the podium and spoke on his ideals on what culture represents. Katt’s arrival brought in laughs and also listening ears as he gave a speech in honor of Harrell.

Surprisingly enough, Williams managed to keep it comedic while still recognizing the merit of the event and Harrell’s contributions to the culture. “Sometimes the culture that is being created is destroying another culture,” Williams said, channelling Harrell. “Sometimes a culture is dying out as a culture is coming in. We know it’s important that Hip Hop die every four years so it came come back that same year,” he said, garnering uproarious laughter. “It’s a cycle! And I, Andre Harrell, know that because I’ve been through Uptown, Motown, downtown — got so tired of just being the greatest everywhere I went and I said, ‘I will just begin a Revolt.'”