Katt Williams Explains Fight With Teen: “I Thought He Was 19”

A few days ago a video went viral regarding Katt Williams and an incident with a teen in Gainesville, GA. The clip shows Katt hitting a young man then being wrestled to the ground by the same young man. The incident looked to have been sparked by a soccer game. Last night for a full show at The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY; Katt finally spoke on what happened. According to him, he thought the reported 17 year-old was 19 and was looking to give the kid a lesson. He starts off with sharing the reason why he was in the neighborhood was to avoid being harassed by police.

Me and him (Teen) were the only people on the soccer field cussing, I was trying not to cuss because people were recording…. he talked sh*t to me all game. Then as the game went on I realize this feels like a setup.. Before the game was over because if you watched the taped the game didn’t officially end, I end it… If you watched that video and really think I’m getting choked out by a strong teenager then why don’t you catch me why I’m solo and put your little fragile arm around my neck, and why don’t you try putting me to sleep…


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