Katt Williams Not Impressed With Presidential Campaign, For Jokes

katt williams

Election season for many comedians can be a moment to find countless new material. With his new Conspiracy Theory tour, you would think Katt Williams will be taking aim at the current presidential election but according to him the candidates haven’t provided much to joke about. In an interview with USA Today HSS, Katt went on to share why.

USA Today HSS: How much material are you getting from the recent Presidential debates?

Not as much as you’d think. Everybody is their own stereotype. Think about it, we haven’t been shocked yet. If Donald Trump comes outside of his character we’d be shocked. Same with Ben Carson. Everyone is being who they are. You’re telling me out of 17 people, Donald Trump is really the biggest story there is? Don’t ask me to pick the cute girl out of 17 ugly girls.

This might be good news for the candidates. Katt’s Conspiracy Theory tour starts Oct. 2 in Columbia, SC, check out more dates.

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