Katt Williams Reportedly Arrested Again, This Time For Assaulting Restaurant Manager

katt williams

Just when we thought Katt Williams was done with his string of run-ins; he is being reported to have been arrested again. As reported by several outlets, Williams’s recent arrest occured in Atlanta, GA after a confrontation at a restaurant involving a salt shaker. Of course TMZ did some digging and found out the details.

Katt got arrested late Wednesday night at Atlanta seafood restaurant Spondivits after he got into it with the staff … according to cops. We’re told Katt’s party walked into the restaurant and decided to seat themselves instead of waiting for a host. Katt soon followed and started arguing with the manager over the seating situation. Katt allegedly settled matters by grabbing a salt shaker, chucking it at the manager and smashing him in the face. Cops arrested him for battery (no salt) … he posted bond and was released around 12:30 AM.


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