Katt Williams Says He Supports Cosby’s Alleged Victims, But Only Once

Last night during a stop in Louisville, Kentucky apart of his current tour, Katt Williams commented on the recent Bill Cosby rape allegations. While on stage, Williams addressed the matter with some light humor and his honest perspective. In part of what he had to say, was that he supports the alleged Cosby rape victims but only once.

“Its a lot of sh*t for us to talk about. Bill Cosby supposedly is going to rape six  b*tches by the time we get home. What the f*ck man!? Every godd*mn day someone else is coming out saying Bill Cosby done put something…. Life is getting too confusing. I don’t know what side to be on. The Bill Cosby thing is fucking with me because I’m a black comedian. Im not suppose to be happy if something f*cked up is happening to another black comedian. Every one of theses b*tches is saying the same damn story….I don’t want to make a joke out of rape, that’s not no funny sh*t. Let me say this for rape victims, I’m only supporting you in the first rape. How the f*ck is your story, “he raped you  and then the next day…,” the next day!? –   Williams

Williams followed his thoughts on Cosby by touching on another touchy subject, NFL star Adrian Peterson being charged for child abuse. And Williams later even commented on his own arrest as of recent.

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