Katt Williams Speaks On His Portland Case, Shows Up To Court With Emmy

As you should know by now, Katt Williams recently had an incident in Portland involving his then driver. According to reports, Williams and the driver ended up in a confrontation over William’s dog riding in the car’s passenger seat. Things would allegedly escalate resulting in Williams being accused of assault. Just before the weekend started, Katt had a court appearance back in Portland in which he had to make a 16-hour drive from California.

In a new interview with local outlet ‘The Oregonian’, Williams would lightly comment on the case and express his new found appreciation for the city of Portland. And from the looks of things, Katt is a proud Emmy award-winning actor, as he would bring his actual Emmy with him to the courthouse.

On Friday, Williams’ defense attorney wouldn’t let him comment after the hearing about details of the case, other than to allow Williams to fervently claim he’s not guilty. While Williams spoke outside the courthouse, a grinning fan stopped and asked for a photo with him using her cell phone. Williams obliged. Court orders say Williams has been able to return to Georgia since the day he was released from jail Oct. 9. But Williams said he’s been banned from Portland International Airport and hasn’t been able to make the trip to his home in the Atlanta area. He’s spent more than a month in Portland, he said.

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