Katt Williams Talks With TMZ: Sharing The Stage With Mike Epps, Recent Charges, Dating Hazel E, And More

Yesterday, Katt Williams sat down on TMZ’s Rock Rants series to go over a few things regarding his life and career. As he sat down with host Raquel, Katt opened up about his relationship with Mike Epps, his lawsuits and court dates, and even opened up about his love life with Hazel E. He even looked to lightly confirm that we could see him on a few episodes of Love & Hip Hop. “I have invested in Love & Hip-Hop….”, he went on to say.

Here’s what he had to say about sharing the stage with Mike Epps at this year’s BET Experience Live

Thats what unity is about I did a whole thing for unity…. It’s not a true unification unless your working with someone you don’t like. I like him like him like the Cavilers likes the Warriors, like Draymond likes Lebron… we like each other because we’re both basketball players….

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