Kel Mitchell Tells Comedy Hype He’s Launching His Own ‘Orange Soda’

Photo: John Johnson / Nickelodeon

When you think about Kel Mitchell, some of the first things that will come to your mind will probably be ‘Kenan And Kel’, ‘All That’, Nickelodeon, and Orange Soda. The comedy legend has found success early and is still very much in the mix today. Comedy Hype had the opportunity to speak with Kel about what he’s been up to. He would talk to us about catering to his diverse audience through live shows, Good Burger 2 talks, and shared that he’s finally working on his own orange soda for fans to enjoy. “We started getting involved in the orange soda business…. I workout so it’s going to be clean…no sugar, no calories…. It’s something I had to do because of that fact when I do my shows people bring me Sunkist, and Crush…and people wanted me to sign it…”I was like yo I’m making them a lot of money, I got to do my own thing,” Kel shared. Check out his talk more about it below, along with some other parts from his interview on our YouTube.