Kelsey Grammer On Why He Backed ‘Girlfriends’: “Everybody Has A Good Story To Be Told”

Kelsey Grammer has been making the press rounds lately to promote his newest film, ‘Like Father’. The award-winning actor and producer, for those who don’t know, served as a key player in the development of the “Girlfriends’ series from Mara Brock Akil. In an interview with ‘Sway In The Morning’, Grammer would be asked by co-host Heather B on what inspired him to get involved with black projects like Girlfriends, and The Game. Grammer would go on to share that he saw so-called efforts for Hollywood diversity in the past but grew tired of nothing coming from it. Check out the interview, below, they talk ‘Girlfriends’ at the 7:20 mark.