Kenan Thompson Confirms He’s Down For Good Burger 2

This morning on The Breakfast Club, Kenan Thompson would sit down for a rare one on one to discuss his career over at SNL. As the longest running feature on the show, Thompson would address his decisions on future roles and clarify previous statements on black talent on Saturday Night Live. If you can recall, he was in the headlines after suggesting that some black women who auditioned for SNL just didn’t have what it took. On the Breakfast Club, he would go on to explain that he felt SNL recruits need to have a strong Improv background.

As they continued their talk, Kenan would comment on Bill Cosby, his own struggles with weight, and career path. Just a few days ago we saw that there was a strong potential for Good Burger 2, as Kel Mitchell revealed. When asked about doing a sequel to the cult classic, Kenan shared he was down for it. “Why not?, If people want to see it, it’s a good thing,” Thompson would reply. Watch the full interview, below.