Kenan Thompson Not Leaving SNL Next Season & Calls DeRay Davis A “D*ck”

kenan thompson

Earlier this year, reports were put out that Kenan Thomspon was expected to be leaving Saturday Night Live after it’s 40th season. By being the longest-running cast member in the show’s history, the news wasnt taken lightly. Well during a one on one with Marc Maron on his WTF podcast, Kenan denied leaving and shared he will be back next season. Splitsider went on to confirm the news with NBC.

Last year, TMZ reported that Kenan Thompson would be leaving SNL at the end of season 40 — a rumor NBC was quick to deny. Still, with all the SNL cast shakeups in recent years, many fans have wondered whether the show’s current longest-running cast member had plans to stick around after next season, and now we have an answer. Speaking with Marc Maron on the latest episode of WTF, Thompson confirmed that his plan is to stick around for at least another year. Here’s what he told Maron ( at the 64:20 mark). We reached out to NBC for comment, and they confirmed that Thompson is indeed returning next year.

Marc Maron: Why do people keep saying that it’s it?

Kenan: Well they said that at the beginning [of the season] for some reason. People I guess thought they had some info and just threw that story out. And we denied it immediately, but the only thing people remember is, like…

As he went on to share the original process of auditioning for SNL, Kenan shared his dislike for DeRay Davis, who was auditioning for SNL at the same time. “He’s a dick…” Listen below.

You can listen to the full conversation here.

  1. I opened for DeRay at Improv Kc… and keenan is right..the guy is an asshat

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