Kenya Barris Was About Kick-Off Major ABC Protest Over ‘Roseanne Tweets’

Photo: GETTY/Paras Griffin

ABC was put in a tough situation last week when the star of one of their series, Roseanne Barr, would tweet out a racist comment about a former Obama advisor. Within 2 hours, ABC would decide to cancel Barr’s series and luckily they did. Black-ish’s Kenya Barris has now revealed that he was planning a full-on protest towards ABC if they were not going to take actions against Barr.

Barris gave a glimpse of the outrage that rained down on ABC leaders in the wake of Barr’s tweet from members of the creative community. Barris was one of five showrunners who spoke Wednesday about the importance of having diversity in TV writers’ rooms, a panel that was part of Variety‘s Path to Parity summit focusing on women in the entertainment industry. “I was literally coming out of the show and I was like f— this. I was going to go crazy. I was going to call my agent and go on (CNN’s) Don Lemon and other shows,” Barris said. But first he called ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey, Disney/ABC Television Group chief Ben Sherwood, and ABC Studios president Patrick Moran to warn them. “I was like, ‘I’m sorry guys’ and then I have to say, the response came in minutes.” Dungey asked Barris to hold off a beat because they were in the process of canceling the show.