Kevin Hart Doesn’t Think Starbucks Should Be Boycotted For Philly Incident: “The Manager On Duty Was Wrong”

Photo: CBS

Kevin Hart’s hometown of Philadelphia, PA is currently in the spotlight due to an unfortunate situation regarding two black men at a Starbucks. According to reports, the two men were waiting to start a meeting at  Starbucks and eventually would be asked to leave the building since they made no purchases. After deciding not to leave, a Starbucks employee would call the police to have the men removed and arrested. Part of the incident was caught on camera and has since dominated headlines on social media timelines. It would later be revealed that the men were waiting for a friend to arrive.

Yesterday, using his own social media platform, Kevin Hart chimed in on the matter. Despite many demanding Starbucks to be boycotted as a whole, Hart shares a slightly different view. Kevin would explain that he doesn’t think the whole company should be to blame for the incident but instead, the manager of the Philadelphia location should be held accountable. He would also put some pressure on Starbucks to make the incident right by taking the proper steps. What’re your thoughts?