Kevin Hart Says He Plans To Film His Own Action Scenes To Prove He’s Ready For Serious Roles

kevin hart
Looks like Kevin Hart is getting ready to transition into a more serious resume, when it comes to the roles he’s after. As the cover boy of the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly he went on to share his goal of one day becoming an action star. To even express his commitment to the challenge he will be releasing scenes of his ability in action, with the hopes of the people deciding if he has what it takes.

“I’m gonna start slow-walking my way to the more serious platforms as well as more action movies. I spent all this time in the gym working out, so why not use it?” he asks, pointing fondly at what he calls “this petite little body.” He knows the transition might not come easily — he’s been told he’s too short, or too black, or just wrong for the part more times than he can count, he says — so he’s planning to be as proactive as he can. “What I’m going to do is I’m gonna start filming little action scene vignettes on my own, and let fans see me do them. That’s my next challenge to myself… I’m taking classes in the fighting, the gun training.” And thanks to big-bang movies like Central Intelligence, he’s already got a headstart on one thing every action star needs in their skill set: “Yes, I know and understand how to be in a harness,
” he laughs.


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