KevOnStage Opens Up About His Struggle On FUSE’s ‘Struggle Gourmet’

We all know the road to success is filled with endless trials and tribulations, and the one thing every famous person remembers fondly is the ‘struggle meal’.

For that reason, Fuse TV partnered with host, Dariany Santana, to reminisce with celebrities on their lives before notoriety and give the audience free game on how to be their best selves, while cooking the cheap version of a meal they know and love and comparing it to the most sophisticated over prepared version of that same meal with the best ingredients.

On this episode of Struggle Gourmet, Dariany and comedian KevOnStage explore the delicious, international flavor of fried rice. Kev explains what it was like to grow up in EL Paso, TX with nine family members in one house. At one point, he shows the true spirit of a comedian when he says, “We were so poor, we didn’t have dog food. What we ate he ate, so he had high blood pressure just like my grandma.” He go goes on to explain his desire to be a comedian is fueled by a need for attention because it was difficult to stand out in such a large family as a child.

It wasn’t all bad for Kev, though. He admits, “It was great actually. When you’re poor, but you grow up in a house with love, you don’t realize you’re poor.”

Be sure to watch this episode featuring KevOnStage when it airs, Tuesday, January 26 at 11:30 pm, ET/PT on FUSE TV, or steam it anytime, here.

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