‘Key And Peele’ Cover Esquire And Explain The Challenges Of Not Working Together

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Though Jordan Peele, and Keegan-Michael Key have stepped away from their Comedy Central show; the two heavily watched comedians have found moments to still colloborate on. This April fans will get a chance to see the two back together for newest comedy Keanu. For the newest April issue of Esquire Magazine, Key And Peele reunite for the cover. Since they no longer are continuously working side by side, Keegan-Michael did admit he misses creating with his right hand man. Read an excerpt of the interview below.

I haven’t seen him in like a month…I get sad. I get sadder now than I used to. We’re not with each other every day giggling and having a blast, you know? I do miss him… The connection [we have] is a thing that cannot be explained when we’re performing, and then it’s like a spark and it’s gone when you’re done. I can’t think of a better analogy right now than it’s like we’re two heroin addicts. And you feel better doing drugs together. Nobody wants to do drugs alone. We trigger each other…Yeah, it’s bad. We really should break up. It’s really bad.

key and peele

key and peele

The upcoming  Esquire issue with Jordan & Keegan-Micahel hits stands March 22nd.

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