Key And Peele Talk Police Academy Reboot

key and peele

If you didn’t know Keegan and Jordan (of Key & Peele) are working on adding their comedy to the iconic movie series Police Academy in an upcoming reboot of the franchise. While attending the recent American Comedy Awards the two shared their thoughts with Variety on being involved with the new project.

“It’s one of these things that everybody knows, everyone has this sort of passionate relationship to the thing, and we want to completely update the tone,” said Peele. “Make it feel nice and real and grounded and bring some of what we do with Key & Peele to that franchise.” “We’re holding that baby very gingerly, and we hope not to drop it,” adds Key, who actually saw the second Police Academy first, because his parents wouldn’t take him to see its predecessor. “It’s still iconic. I can’t believe the amount of young people who you say ‘Tackleberry’ or ‘Hightower’ and they know what you’re talking about. That’s impressive.” Will they cast themselves as cadets? “We’re talking about it. We’re not sure,” said Key. “We’re not even that far yet,” added Peele. “I think it’d be cool … our job is to be the creative producer. So ultimately we’re going to make the decision that’s best for the film.” They are also self-aware (if not deprecating) about it. Key: “There might be a point where we need somebody way more famous than us.”

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