Key & Peele Working On Upcoming Film Based On Mr. Garvey Character


Adding another project to the list of things lined up for the comedy duo Key And Peele, Jordan and Keegan will look to take one of their most popular characters Mr. Garvey and create a movie based around his life as a substitute teacher. Thanks to the success of the sketch which has gained 59 Million views on YouTube, Paramount is now in talks with them to create a spinoff of the character.

…speaking of Key & Peele spinoffs, Key says that they are currently negotiating with Paramount to make a Mr. Garvey movie, based on their viral hit sketch about an inner-city teacher substituting at a suburban high school. This inverted take on Dangerous Minds is currently being written by two Key & Peelewriters, or, as Key says, “they’re not penning it as we speak — it’s getting there.”

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