Lakeith Stanfield Explains To The LA Times Why People Love ‘Atlanta’

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Lakeith Stanfield caught up with the LA Times a couple of days ago to discuss his two biggest roles to date in Get Out, and FX’s Atlanta. Atlanta served as a fresh new comedic voice that few have ever scene and according to Lakeith the show spoke to the core of it’s audience. He told the LA Times that one of the main reasons people gravitated toward Atlanta, is mainly due it being relatable for people who felt they were never good enough. A premiere date for Atlanta season 2 on FX.

“I’m pretty sure everyone involved with ‘Atlanta’ to some extent has gotten bullied or told that they weren’t going to be able to do something or that they weren’t cool at some point in their life,” Stanfield said. “And now those same people are leading the revolution of television because they’re so tired of having that gaze on them telling them what they are and having other people’s perceptions move them. “I think that’s what attracted a lot of people [to the show], because a lot of people identify with not being comfortable in their skin or not thinking you’re good enough. Especially kids in high school. Now they have people to look up to who also weren’t ‘good enough.’”