Las Vegas In The 1950’s Gave Comedy Style And Showmanship

The era of Las Vegas in the 1950’s is long behind us, but that doesn’t mean we no longer see the mark it has left. Las Vegas was and still is known as an adult playground. Full of the world’s best entertainers, comedians, and casino games that could change a person’s life at the pull of a slot machine. Vegas was the stomping ground for guys like Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and their Rat Pack crew. These guys became legendary for their performances; and their showmanship off the stage is still admired till this day. It may be surprising how much of an influence Las Vegas had on comedy then.

It’s been over 60 years since those days but many people still want to experience the classic times of early Las Vegas. Las Vegas in the 1950’s will always be remembered whether it be through watching YouTube clips online or playing a great state of the art online casino that has been designed to look and give the players the feeling that they are present in the 50’s Vegas that being possible through 777 online casino where you genuinely feel like you’re back in the 50’s playing Vegas casino games firsthand.

Comedians & Style

Las Vegas in those early days had to position itself as a city like no other. A show in Vegas couldn’t just be like an ordinary show that you would see in your hometown. It had to be big, especially if it were to compete against casino machines that offered millions. While many comedians tended to dressed down when working on their craft at bars, Vegas forced a comedian to look their best. We’ve seen it with Red Foxx, Jerry Lewis, Bill Cosby, and Don Rickels. These men told jokes and made sure they looked good while doing it. Vegas alone has definitely helped influence why we’ve seen comedians dress up over the years.

Here are some stylish comedians who kept their outfits sharp on stage:

Joan Rivers


Redd Foxx


George Burns

Las Vegas in the 1950’s played another important role by discovering the late great comedian, Don Rickles. Rickles’s back story brings us full circle to the Rat Pack’s main guy, Frank Sinatra. Most notably, if it wasn’t for Frank Sinatra taking a liking to the fresh-faced comedian at the time, Rickels probably wouldn’t have become the star he was known to become in Vegas. The two men met while in a Miami club and in true Rickles style, Don roasted Sinatra’s acting ability. Immediately Sinatra saw Rickles’s skill at trash talking and pushed for more people to check him out. Sinatra’s endorsement eventually led Rickles to headline Las Vegas. It was there in Las Vegas that Don really began making a name for himself. Sinatra and Don would go on to stay in touch throughout his career. As the years went by, Vegas became a treasured place for comedians inspired by Rickles’s impact in comedy.

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