#LawrenceHive Is Back, Jay Ellis Returns To ‘Insecure’

This past Sunday night’s episode of  ‘Insecure’ would shake things up for viewers as one of the show’s most loved and talked about characters returned, Lawrence. Lawrence, who is played by actor Jay Ellis, has now jumped back into the storyline of the Issa Rae series. And for anyone who has been keeping up with the series, no one saw this coming. For months, it’s been speculated that Ellis did not film for season 3 and he even played along with having fans thinking they would no longer see him. Welp, I guess the pulled one on us.

Check out HBO’s announcement on Jay’s return, below.

 All the facts we know are fake, Insecure lied to us, and Lawrence is very much a part of Season 3. You’re either relieved or annoyed? But more important, Issa Rae and her accomplices pulled off a nice facetious marketing scam by getting us to believe that Jay Ellis—Lawrence—would be absent from this season. Lawrence was left out of the trailer. And both Rae and showrunner Prentice Penny kept up the sham by telling fans that his absence was just a reflection of real life. “Once we said, ‘Maybe he’s not in the season,’ it kind of became, ‘Whoa, wow, what does that mean then?’ Once that domino dropped, it just opened us up in so many other ways of how we tell stories,” Penny told Variety in August. Good one…..Not only is Lawrence back, it looks like the next episode is devoted to catching us up on his whereabouts. The Lawrence contingency has been reactivated.


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