Lee Daniels Says Mo’Nique Is “Out Of Pocket” For Comments About Him, Oprah, And Tyler Perry

Today, a full sit down interview with producer Lee Daniels on TMZ’s ‘Raq Rants’ has hit the net. Previously, there was clip circulating online from the interview that served as Daniels response to being approached by entrepreneur Damon Dash over a financial dispute. Now, in the interview’s entirety, we get to hear about another dispute that Daniels found himself in. If you’ve been on Comedy Hype in the last few years, you should be well aware of the fall out between Mo’Nique and Daniels over the film ‘Precious’.  In recent months, Mo’Nique has still campaingned her thoughts about Daniels and partners on her online radio show, ‘Mo’Nique & Sidney’s Open Relationship’ podcast. While talking to host Raquel, Daniels would go on to explain that he felt that Mo’Nique’s continued criticism about him is wrong and that the only person who may have blackballed Mo’Nique was herself. Check out the full conversation, below.

Lee Daniels says he knows exactly who is responsible for Mo’Nique getting blackballed from Hollywood — Mo’Nique. The famed director tells us it’s past time for Mo’Nique to quit bitching and blaming Tyler Perry, Oprah and himself for shutting her out of the movie biz. Especially because Lee played a key role in her winning an Oscar. As we reported … Mo’Nique went after Lee, Tyler and O during a stand-up special last year at the Apollo Theater — telling the Hollywood power trio they “can suck my d***, if I had one!” Lee fired back at her on “Raq Rants” … telling Raquel no one should confuse the Mo situation with what went down with Damon Dash. He insists he gave Mo’Nique as much as she gave him when they made “Precious” — comparing it to “making love without having sex.”

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