Leonard Ouzts Takes His ‘Backup Plan’ To MTV For New Series

leonard ouzts

For Virginia’s Leonard Ouzts his work in comedy has been steady with humble beginnings. As a former IHOP employee, Leonard knows a thing or two about having a’ backup plan’. Now it turns out his backup plan could be taking even more of a backseat as it has been revealed that Ouzts will begin starring in his own pilot for MTV.

MTV has ordered Backup Plan, an unscripted pilot starring Leonard Ouzts, a 23-year-old former IHOP waiter-turned-standup comedian. While he has had success — Ouzts was named a New Face at the Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival, he has performed MTV logostand-up on TBS’ Conan, and will be in this season of Adam Devine’s House Party on Comedy Central — he is being practical, which is reflected in Backup Plan. Ouzts has seen what happens when people hit their 15th minute of fame and realizes he should be thinking about a more realistic career. Each episode of the show follows Leonard’s search for a backup job, just in case the one he has doesn’t work out.


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