Leslie Jones Sounds Off On ‘All-Female Ghostbusters’ Haters: “I Don’t Give Two Sh*ts”

leslie jones

Not everyone seems to be happy about the announcement of an all-female cast of Ghostbusters and Leslie Jones isn’t holding her tongue (aka keyboard) about addressing the criticism. A while back when news first broke on the cast of Paul Feigs’s Ghostbuster reboot, Leslie wasn’t afraid to defend herself then and as the first looks begin to roll out she does so again. Recently on Twitter Leslie shared an image of her in a Ghostbuster outfit and let anyone who had problems with it that she doesn’t care.

The Ghostbusters frustration needs to end. Ever since it was revealed that Sony was rebooting the classic supernatural comedy franchise, with four women in the lead roles, Ghostbusters has taken an unfair amount of heat. (No pun intended for the director of The Heat, Mr. Paul Feig.) The ladies have remained quiet, for the most part, but Leslie Jones isn’t having it anymore.


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