Let’s Be Real, Donald Glover Just Hit ‘Jamie Foxx’ Status

Photo: Billboard

NBA player LeBron James is constantly compared to Michael Jordan and over the weekend, James would showcase why those comparisons remain. The highly celebrated basketball player would hit a game-winning shot for his Cleveland Cavaliers against the Toronto Raptors to continue their lead in the series. James should really consider playing a game of BGO casino with his current hot streak. Following LeBron’s winning game, another upcoming talent would have his moment.

On the newest episode of Saturday Night Live, Donald Glover fueled talks of him being this generation’s Jamie Foxx. For many, no one in entertainment can compare to the talent level of Foxx as he has shown the ability to perform stand-up, sing, act, play the piano, and even throw a pretty mean spiral on the football field. Foxx in every sense of the word is multi-talented. But after Glover’s weekend on SNL and release of new music, Jamie clearly has company.

In his opening monologue on SNL’s latest episode, Glover would even shed light that he can literally do anything. The opening bit would sarcastically make fun of him being extremely talented as he attempted random things like skateboarding & cooking.

“I really can, do anything”, Glover sings in his SNL opening monologue.

In reality, we’ve seen a great deal of talent from Glover, this year alone. Thanks to his series ‘Atlanta FX’, Glover’s writing skills and acting abilities have been pushed to the forefront. We are still talking about the show’s ‘Teddy Perkins’ episode from this season (watch it, if you haven’t). Upon Glover’s performance as SNL’s host and musical talent, a new video has emerged from Glover as his rap persona Childish Gambino, called ‘This Is America’. It was with the release of this song & video; that many would feel Glover being compared to Foxx was a valid argument. The soulful & drum influenced song would become instantly embraced for its artistic direction, and message. ‘This Is America’ has since trended across Twitter and other social media platforms. Several fans would go on to even claim that Glover was actually more talented than Foxx.

Back in January of this year, TMZ caught up with Donald to speak on the comparisons between himself and Jamie. “He’s got time on his side,” Glover would tell cameras. Outside of time, if we were to compare actual talent both men’s poses in a list it would show that they definitely have nearly same amount of skills.

Jamie can play football, act, sing, play the piano, tell a joke, direct, do impressions, and is an extremely great story-teller. Whereas, Glover can rap, sing, act, write, produce, and shift culture. Only thing Jamie might have Glover beat in is athletic ability, as we have yet to see Donald’s jump shot. What we can say is that both men are easily at the top of Hollywood’s most talented. And If you’re a true fan of Foxx, you can’t deny that Glover got next.