Lil Duval Defends Katt Williams On The Breakfast Club: “He’s Our Generations Rick James”

Early this morning Lil Duval hit the airwaves to catch up with his friends over at The Breakfast Club. As he hit the town to promote newest comedy Meet The Blacks, Duval touched on a few things. One thing in particular that stood out was his thoughts on the latest surrounding Katt Williams, and more specifically his run-in with a teen that went viral. According to Duval, Katt is still a great comedian who ‘s just misunderstood.

Katt is our generation’s Rick James. This been Katt, Y’all are just realizing that now because of social media…. He’s been like on a weird type thing. I respect him…. Believe it or not he’s one of the greatest stand-up comedians…. he’s still selling out shows. I think people understand him.

Outside of talk on Katt, Duval discussed independent films, projects, and why he’s taking it easy on reality stars these days. He then went on to thank Mike Epps for the opportunity.