Lil Duval Defends Mike Epps’s Career: “He’s Been Selling Out Shows”

mike epps lil duval

We’ve all heard the conversation that only one comedian can make it at a time in comedy. For this current generation, Kevin Hart seems to be the comedian of choice. Well Lil Duval thinks differently, in fact he feels that Mike Epps’s career is on a winning streak no different than Kevin’s. In a quick exchange on Twitter with online socialite JasFly, Duval quickly found himself defending Epps’s career. It all started when JasFly suggested Epps was making a comeback since landing roles in an upcoming Pryor biopic and ABC’s Uncle Buck. Without hesitation, Duval went on to correct her statement.

He then later explained how Epps has been winning for quite some time, and explained to JasFly that calling Epps’s current success a resurgence would be incorrect. The two went on to share more of their perspective, until ultimately they moved on to another topic. As far as Epps thoughts on things, he was too busy to catch the exchange as he prepared to present at this year’s ESPY Awards.

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