Lil Duval Joins The List Of Comedians Against Cell Phones At Shows

lil duval

Hannibal Buress, Chris Rock, and Kevin Hart have all showed some concern about the use of cell-phones in comedy clubs. They claim that the recordings of stand-up is not only hurting the art of comedy, but stealing from the affect of their shows. Lil Duval has been traveling the country for his rich Broke tour, is now speaking up as well. Using his Instagram page he issued a warning to those who may decide to pull out their phone during one of his shows.

I’m about to start banning cell phones at my shows or if u get caught with it out u getting kicked out like Kevin hart does. You should never record a live stand up performance. This shit ain’t like music where u can sing the same songs over and over. (But most young folks don’t know that because they think making a 15 second skit is being a comedian) And If u need to use yo phone that bad u don’t need to be at the show. As a performer we feed off the energy y’all give us. Ain’t no fucking energy if u look in the crowd and all u see is PHONES up. If we wanted to record it we would do it ourselves.

Back in May, Hannibal reached out to tech company Yondr to combat against cell-phones for a show in California. Yondr successfully made it impossible for those in attendance to use their phone within a certain radius of the show. With technology growing, and social apps becoming a way to communicate a ban of cell phones seems nearly impossible these days.

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