Lil Rel Helps Fellow Comedian Reach Movie Dreams

Photo: Instagram/ComedianLilRel

Comedy is highly competitive just as much as other platforms. With limited opportunities quiet a few comedians can find themselves constantly thinking about their next move. Lil Rel has grinded his way from the Chicago comedy scene to Hollywood red carpets. Though the lights have gotten brighter, the stand-up comedian recently showed that he still has stayed true to his background. Comedian Lavar Walker recently shared a story that highlights Rel’s love he has shown throughout his rise.

Currently the two men  are on the set in Atlanta for the upcoming film, Uncle Drew. Turns out a call from Rel helped Lavar land an opportunity behind the scenes that would later become something on camera. Using his Instagram account, Walker went on to share the back story on how he landed his first movie role, thanks to Rel. Read what he wrote.

July 25th I had been praying heavy in regards to my comedy career and where it was going. I asked GOD to increase my faith decrease my fears and show up. August 1st I was sitting on my couch at 1:30 am. I got a call from my brother @comedianlilrel. He said hey bro the producers asked me if I knew a funny comedian that could help out with dialogue among old black men and was funny I recommended you. I met with the directors of the film and got hired by one of the executive producers to be the comedy consultant for the movie. Being comedy consultant on the film led to a small part in the movie. I want to thank @comedianlilrel for reaching back and recommending me for this great opportunity. I want to thank all the people at Lionsgate and the producers and directors of this film for believing in me and giving me this oppurtunity. And last but not least I want to thank GOD. Not just for the movie but for allowing me to mend with Mike Epps which had troubled me for quite some time. Long story short check me out June 29th 2018 in the new Uncle Drew movie starring Lil Rel, Kyrie Irving, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, Shaq, Nate Robinson, Lisa Leslie, Mike Epps, JB Smoove, Nick Kroll, Rick Ross and too many to name. This is my fist movie and GOD is Good.✌?✌?✌?✌?


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As mentioned by Lavar this project was the same reason why he and Epps were able to put their differences aside. Interesting how things come full circle. Uncle Drew also will star Tiffany Haddish, Nick Kroll, Erica Ash, Shaq and many more. Check out a Lavar’s moment on set with Tiffany Haddish.