Lil Rel Impersonates Tracy Morgan’s Attempt To Squash Their Differences

According to Lil Rel, he and Tracy Morgan never quite squashed their differences regarding an interview Morgan did with Vulture magazine. As first reported by Comedy Hype, Morgan would turn down questions regarding his ‘Last O.G.’ co-star Tiffany Haddish in which many felt that his response was a sign of hate. Since then, Tracy would deny that he was hating on Tiffany and expressed his love for his co-star.

Lil Rel who has been friends with Tiffany for years would end up publicly calling out Morgan over the interview. In a new interview with Vulture, during ‘Vulture’s Comedy Festival’ in LA, Rel would debut an impersonation of Tracy Morgan and shared what Morgan said to him at this year’s Emmys. Watch, below (

Rel is currently starring in his first sitcom, ‘REL’ on FOX, airing every Sunday at 9:30PM ET.

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