Lil Rel Makes A Stand For Black Press At The MTV Awards, Wants Equality For Black Press

Photo: (Frazer Harrison / Getty Images)

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Support who supports you”? Well, that quote has a great deal of wisdom there for many who want long-standing careers in entertainment.

Lil Rel is getting ready for a series of red carpet events as the premiere of his newest projects ‘Uncle Drew’ & series ‘REL’ on FOX approaches. At this weekend’s MTV Awards, Rel would use his platform to highlight an injustice in the press. You see for many outlets who thrive off pushing black talent, they can get overlooked in the mainstream arena. The talent that they helped support from the beginning finds themselves further and further apart as their career grows.

At this year’s MTV Movie and TV Awards, Rel looks to be very aware of that treatment. He would talk to The LA Times’s black writer Tre’vell Anderson about his decision to make sure he talks with the black press at red carpet events. Comedy Hype’s Nika Simone was also one of the journalists Rel would speak with during this year’s MTV Awards, so look out for our talk with him in the coming days. Check out an excerpt on Rel explaining his stance, below.

The actor — who had a breakout role in last year’s hit “Get Out” — gave preferential treatment to members of the black press, interviewing with them first before considering mainstream publications. It was his way of commenting on the way black media are often treated at major entertainment events — being placed at the end of red carpets and often being overlooked by talent and their publicists. “I want to start with the people who are actually supporting me, have supported me and will actually put the content out there,” he said in an interview with The Times on Friday while promoting his upcoming film, “Uncle Drew.” “Then, I’ll talk to everyone else, but that’s who I’m going to start with first.”


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