Lil Rel Tells Comedy Hype About His New Comedy, Uncle Drew

Lil Rel is setting up for his next return to the big screen. The Get Out star has been staying busy since we last seen him. As mentioned he has joined Kyrie Irving, Shaq, JB Smoove, and others for the comedy, Uncle Drew. The film will serve as an extended version to Pepsi’s Uncle Drew commercials with Irving. While in Atlanta filming the new project, we had the pleasure of catching up with the stand-up comedian for a talk. Host Jim Dancy finds out how much basketball we’ll see from Rel, and what it’s been like working with the cast.

The film will center on a squad of the best geriatric basketball players who ban together in order to compete at the famed Rucker’s tournament. Irving will reprise his role as the baller elderly man Uncle Drew, and sources say the star power on this project could be very high, with several other top NBA players circling roles on the team. Howery will play a young man who loves basketball and seeks out Uncle Drew’s help.