Lisa Lampanelli Goes Off On Audience After Being Asked To “Shut Up” During Comedy Show

Veteran comedian Lisa Lampanelli had a rough show the other night in San Jose, CA. when a heckler decided to interrupt her performance. In the now released TMZ footage of the incident, we can see Lampanelli exchange words with the male heckler who would go as far as telling her to “Shut Up” for $100. Lampanelli would express that she felt the man was being disrespectful because she was a woman. Unfortunately, things didn’t end there.

In the footage, Lampanelli was also seen yelling at the audience at one point because she felt she was being interrupted when talking to a fan.

The insult comic says the man interrupted her while she was having a convo with someone else in the audience — and, apparently, Lisa doesn’t like that very much. She then directed her attention to the bloke … and things went downhill from there. Lisa says she doesn’t like pegging incidents like this on sexism but, in this case … she thinks it’s pretty clear the heckler felt empowered because she was a woman. Well, that wasn’t gonna fly with Lisa — she’s been around too long for that BS … according to her, anyway.


We had the chance to catch up with comedian Trey Moe before his next tour and he shared his take on the incident. Trey explains that he would have handled the male heckler differently by getting security involved. He would also point out that turning on your audience is never the best move especially if you want them to have a good time. Check out Trey’s reaction, below.