Listen Now: Dino Archie Releases ‘Settling Old Scores’ On Comedy Hype

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Stand-up comedian Dino Archie has finally released his second comedy album project, Settling Old Scores. The anticipated project teams up with Comedy Hype to be the first of it’s kind. The 10-track comedy mixtape is available for free to listeners through a stream now featured directly on Comedy Hype.  ENJOY!


ComedyHype.Com, a digital platform establishing reach with comedians, is honored to partner with Just For Laughs ‘New Faces’ 2016 comedian Dino Archie for his second indie comedy album titled Settling Old Scores. The album will document several stories from Archie discussing previous moments of his life. The album will be released exclusively by ComedyHype.Com on September 15, 2016. Comedy fans should take a closer look on this project, as it will join an honorable group of artists who have decided to give projects directly to consumers. “My mind is always creating, I’m always at work,” Archie has said in a recent interview about how he comes up with different angles on a joke.


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