Listen: Tracy Morgan Reflects On Life, SNL & Career In 2009 With Vanity Fair

tracy morgan

While he recovers from injuries sustained last June in a fatal crash on the New Jersey turnpike, we came across an audio of Tracy Morgan reflecting on his life’s moments. The 2009 audio which is a reading of his book ‘I Am The New Black’ for Vanity Fair, reveals some of Morgan’s intimate thoughts and experiences at Saturday Night Live. From the competitiveness over at SNL, to his issues with other members on the cast, this piece gives some great insight on Morgan’s outlook on his career.

“Being on Saturday Night Live the first couple of years, I felt like being the black guy there.. I couldn’t make any mistakes… I couldn’t break character like Jimmy Fallon…. and I just felt like I couldn’t have fun” – Morgan

Morgan continues to work towards his return.

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