Lopez’s Maronzio Vance Stops By ‘The Ignant Agenda’: “You Have To Create Victories For Yourself”

A second season of LOPEZ is underway over at TV Land on Wednesday nights at 10:30PM ET which we’ll see Maronzio Vance star alongside George Lopez. The series as previously shared; follows the life of George Lopez as he looks to make a few career moves in Hollywood. As a new guest on The Ignant Agenda; Maronzio talked with host Nick about his career path, online comedic acts, influencers and even touched on his podcast, Just Killing Time. Towards the end of their interview; Vance took a moment to highlight some advice he thinks any young comedian should know coming in to the business. (At the 37:00 mark)

I’ll be honest….struggle builds character… but you also have to create victories for yourself… you can’t wait for someone give you a victory. You can’t wait for someone to validate you…. You can’t wait for someone to tell you who you are….


If you are familiar with Vance’s comedy you will know that he is armed with truth from his perspective. This nearly 1 hour conversation goes on to capture just that. Take a moment to hear what he’s been up to and how things are going for him now with the recent success.

You can listen to the full conversation below, Maronzio Vance On The Ignant Agenda 

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