Los Angeles’s The Comedy Store Giving White Comics A ‘N-Word’ Pass?


The last time a white comic was publicly seen using the n-word, Michael Richards’ career came to a screeching halt in 2006. Richards then later followed the incident with an apology spree. Fast forward to last Tuesday, The Comedy Store in Los Angeles looks to be the backdrop of another similar incident. Once a week, both black and white comics have been entertaining fans for the growing comedy show, The Roast Battle hosted by LA based comedian Brian Moses. The show, which features comedians going back and forth with their best insults, has been making some noise in LA on Tuesday nights. Along with the comedians, a line up of guest judges, play a role in the show to help grade the night’s performances. Surprisingly for some, The Roast Battle has been a place for white comics to use the n-word, judge free.

The rules of the event allow white comics to use the n-word no more than one time during their performance if their opponent is also non-black. A fan recount from last week’s show involved two white comedians going into their insult arsenal using the n-word. One calling the other “An ugly ass n*gga” and the other responding “You smell like n*gger pussy.” While some seemed unbothered, a couple of black audience members who attended the show left feeling disturbed by the incident.

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Comedy Centrals famed comedian, Jeff Ross, who served as a judge that night quickly made note that he didn’t support the two comedians use of the word and that a “red flag” may be in order. Sources say Ross didn’t support it because the comedians failed to creatively use it apart of their performance. Over the years, there have been debates on who is allowed to use the word between blacks and whites. The discussion in comedy has gotten so deep that controversial comedian Paul Mooney went as far as declaring that he would no longer say the n-word. “I don’t like that word, I’m not going to use it anymore, I’m not going to use the B-word anymore, It’s time for us as a black race to not be tolerated, we have to be celebrated,” Mooney told MSNBC.

The World Famous Comedy Store has yet to address the situation, which may concern some who still find the word very offensive. Other takes on the situation include comedy fans saying that it’s a different era and white comedians should be allowed to be equally creative on the comedy stage.

Either way some still feel that certain words and phrases should be off limits. The debate continues…what’s your position?

20 thoughts on Los Angeles’s The Comedy Store Giving White Comics A ‘N-Word’ Pass?

  1. Black people and commuters awaiting pedestrians to cross the street are the only people who should say n-words.

  2. Oh no, you got me there!

    THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT WORD OF AND IN ITSELF. It’s the intention. It’s the user. It’s the context that makes it good or bad. We don’t get mad when a rapper uses it, why? BECA– USE THEY AREN’T USING IT IN A RACIST CONTEXT the same way a Klansman from The South would. If you take away that word, then you have to take away ALL OFFENSIVE words and it’s a slippery slope. If you take away “The N Word” then you need to take away rape jokes, or anything else deemed “offensive”. What your soon left with is a watered down product of white elitism in the form of white guilt.

    The N Word isn’t funny?

    Neither is death, disease, divorce, famine, war, break ups, terrorism, torture, poverty, racism, sexism, homelessness, income inequality, violence or the 10 million other things comedians joke about. If you can’t handle it, don’t go to a comedy club because your aren’t intellectually gifted enough to distinguish word context. Now carry on and keep policing the blogs you social justice warrior!

  3. Where did YOU say it’s okay for black people to use it or not?

    Guess what, you’re not the language police and have nothing to do with comedy or being funny.

    You need to stay out of comedy clubs and far away from comedy. People can use whatever words they choose to.

  4. Whitey is always going to try to use that word because it helps them to pretend they are superior, but deep inside whitey knows they are truly the scum of the earth, They don’t want Black People to celebrate the fact, we are Melanin Blessed which means we are made in GOD’s image, which means they are the opposite and made in Satan’s image they are Satan’s spawn, white people even develop reptilian spots as they age.

  5. when someone says anything funny about conservative shitballs like yourself then you should practice what you preach 🙂

  6. You ignorant blithering dope, AT WHAT POINT ANYWHERE in this debate did I say I was conservative, you my friend are in fact stereotyping me to be conservative. I can’t stand conservatives or Liberals you fat dunce, and there are PLENTY OF LIBERAL COMEDIANS who would destroy your argument. If you can’t handle those words then be a good little boy and step out of the comedy club. You have no business being there and you aren’t smart enough to understand word context/jokes.

    Once again, do the right thing and stay far far far away from comedy.

    Because Dave Chappelle, Katt Wiliiams, Richard Pryor, and Eddy Griffin use the N word all the time and it’s hilarious and there is NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING you can do about it except sit back and take it to the face.

  7. although we may believe that this is a new era the truth is racism is bigger now than it has been since the 1960’s.and anybody these days using the N word definitely means it is the most derogatory sense of the word.and with open season on African Americans in this country right now this is not the time to be using the N word trust me.Whether we realize it or not there still treating us like animal or enslaved people just doing it in a different instead of whips and chains its police with guns, people hanging Halloween decorations that resemble lynchings….the current disrespect for our African American presidentand if you calling us the N word is because that’s how you really see us and that’s what you really mean ….its not a joke and when a white man says it he’s not saying it to be funny…it’s met in the most despicable way possible and anything that’s not good is what they mean when they say.and what is the desire to use the word so much anyway that’s what we should ask ourselves why do they feel that they get a pass and we should be so OK with them saying it again when it’s set it for over 400 years and just as a people we should be damn tired of it.

  8. This was a roast battle
    A show where Comedians were insulting each other using strongly disgusting language. You get to leave that show if that language upsets your tummy a little to much.
    You don’t get to sshit on the club for putting on this show where these comedians say nigger
    There should be no language barriers in comedy.
    If you don’t like dirty offensive language, either read the description of the show you are going to see live or don’t go out to see comedy
    Stop being the word police

  9. You sound like a productive citizen in society whose not subtly preaching a new religion on a bloggers comment section

  10. you have a tiny mind if this stuff angers you to the point of writing 700+ words about it. Get over it

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