Louis C.K. Claims He Lost $35 Million In The Aftermath Of Sexual Misconduct Accusations

Louis CK has been gradually trying to get his career back in motion after a very public outing for sexual misconduct. The veteran comedian would be called out by several women who would accuse C.K. of touching himself inappropriately in their presence. In a recent story published by Laugh Spin, C.K. recently performed again and claims that he lost a total of $35 Million following the accusations. IndieWire would go on to help share the news while pointing out that C.K.’s film ‘I Love You, Daddy’ getting pulled from distribution was a likely factor to his financial loses.

C.K. talked about how he has been to “hell and back” over the last several months and reportedly even joked about meeting Hitler in hell. C.K. said his “weird year” included getting randomly booed on the street and people telling him how much they hate him. C.K. also mentioned he “lost $35 million in an hour” in the aftermath of being accused of and admitting to masturbating in front of several female comics over the years. After C.K. issued a statement confirming the allegations against him were true, his film “I Love You, Daddy” was removed from its release date by distributor The Orchard and he was dumped by his agency, manager, and publicist.

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