Louis C.K. Wants You To Know He’s Not Broke Over Web Series

louis ck

You might remember a few weeks ago that Louis C.K. shared he was in debt from producing his web series ‘Horace And Pete’. Since then it seems many think the veteran comedian is completely broke and now he has something to say about that.  The Hollywood Reporter has went on to point out an interview Louis had with Bill Simmons in which he clarified his bank account.

Louis C.K. says reports of him being in the poor house have been greatly exaggerated. During an interview on Bill Simmons’ podcast on Wednesday, the comedian talked about his web series, Horace and Pete, and said that while creating and producing the show put him in debt, it’s not as though he is penniless. “I’m so not broke,” C.K. told Simmons. “It’s kind of crazy to see how wrong it gets and to see how far that wrongness spreads.” During an interview with Howard Stern earlier this month, C.K. said his series, which sprung online without notice in January and concluded April 2, left him millions in debt. Well, that is true, he told Simmons, but most TV shows carry debt, he clarified. “I didn’t lose money, I invested money,” said C.K. “I own a complete series. It’s an enormous asset and it’s mine forever.”

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