Louis CK Accused Of Stealing SNL Clown Sketch From Another Comedian

We’ve seen this before, and this time Louis CK has been called out for a possible joke theft. If you watched his recent stop on SNL; Louis performed in a few sketches which one was entitled  Birthday Clown. Following the sketch a series of people jumped online to say that the sketch was not original and it’s actually a rip off of comedian Tig Notaro’s short film, Clown Service. Tig has since went on to address the matter and shared that she can’t help but notice the similarities.

When Louis C.K. returned to host Saturday Night Live this weekend, he starred in an offbeat sketch that seemed awfully familiar. In the sketch, titled “Birthday Clown,” C.K. takes on the role of a seemingly lonely man named Ernest, who hires a clown to perform just for him. Though the premise was equal parts funny and eerie, many immediately accused the skit of ripping off Tig Notaro’s short film Clown Service. Just like “Birthday Clown,” Notaro’s project features a depressed protagonist who orders a clown to perform at her home.


Check out Tig’s short film, Clown Service, and you be judged.

CLOWN SERVICE from Tig Notaro on Vimeo.

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