Lucas Bros. Talk With Comedy Hype: Reveal Judd Apatow Project, And New Podcast

Kenny Lucas and Keith Lucas have been consistently making sure crowds across the country get a taste of their humor. The comedy twins have done a lot in just the short amount of time. In a new interview with CH, The Lucas Bros. give us an update on what music they’ve been listening to, shaping their next comedy special, projects, and share a podcast is on the way.


When it comes to their return back to the big screen, ‘The Lucas Bros.’ let us know that a new project with Judd Apatow is set to launch.

CH: You’re currently on your new comedy tour, The Brick City tour. Usually, when comedians start a tour, the goal is to prepare for a new comedy special. Tours help comedians get their material tight for comedy special tapings — is that the goal with this tour?

Kenny: Definitely. Our last special was a learning experience and we want to apply what we learned to the new special that we’re going to film. We were so nervous to film and release our last special. Now that we’ve been through that experience, we can get back to having fun with comedy.

Keith: We also wanted the chance to go out on the road and meet our fans and give them a chance to interact with us. We love our fans and we want to give them a fun live experience before we tape our new special.

CH: As the saying goes, no idea is original. However, you can draw inspiration from others and give it your own spin and pay homage. Are there any comedy specials you guys have been watching and drawing inspiration from for your next special?

Kenny: We’ve been watching a few specials lately; Chris Gethard, Chris Rock, Mike Birbiglia and a few more. Also, Mike Birbiglia took out on the road with him, so we got to see him live every night which was a great learning experience on its own. We got a chance to see how Mike shaped his hour and it helped us out a lot.

Keith: When we watch specials, we’re watching as fans of comedy. But we’re also trying to grasp why we like them, so we can apply that feeling to our specials. Ultimately, when we make art, we’re trying to deliver a feeling.

CH: Your last Netflix special, “On Drugs” definitely succeeded at making your audience feel something. Although you provided humor, you were addressing serious topics such as the war drugs. In this next special, are you taking the same approach of doing social commentary material, or do you plan to tackle topical material such as relationships and such?

Kenny: The new special with still have some substance. You can expect to hear about things like mental health, addiction and other things that affect society. As far as relationships, we’re really going to dive into the nature of our relationship with each other and how it impacts our relationships with other people.

Keith: The next special will be way more personal than our “On Drugs” special. Our last special was very joke-heavy and I don’t think it really emotionally connected to the audience. Our aim with our next special is to provoke emotions and make sure that our audience feels connected to us on a personal level.

CH: Comedy and music are two closely related art forms. What are the Lucas Bros listening to these days to get amped up before shows?

Keith: We one hundred percent agree that music and comedy are closely related. The song we’re currently walking out to in shows is “We Grappin” by NJ Threat. There’s a gang in Newark called The Grape Street Crips — we use this song because it thematically ties into our critique on The War on Drugs and how much we talk about Newark in our material.

Kenny: Also, those guys don’t see themselves as a gang, they see themselves as a brotherhood. We want to humanize what others might see as dangerous or ruthless. Those guys are bonding over a shared trauma and that’s what we’re all about. We’re a brotherhood, so we’re using that song to tie everything together.

CH: Aside from comedy specials, you guys are no strangers to TV. You’ve been part of so many notably incredible projects. When can we expect a TV project that stars The Lucas Bros?

Kenny: We actually just teamed up with Judd Apatow for a project. We’re very excited about it. We sold a film to Universal with Apatow Productions.

Keith: We’ve been working on this film with Judd for the past year, so it’s really exciting that we’re actually getting the ball rolling on it. Judd’s films are incredible, so working with Judd has heavily influenced and enhanced our storytelling skills. We can’t wait to start shooting the film.

CH: We’re very excited about your future plans. After your fans see you on tour, what else should we be keeping an eye out for?

Kenny: Again, the movie with Apatow Productions and Universal is a big project. Also, we’re going to be in “The Come Up”, which is a film by our good friend Jermaine Fowler’s film. We’re also working on a fun and exciting podcast.

Keith: The podcast is basically us trying to figure out our philosophy on life. We don’t know what we believe in anymore, so this is going to be a fun learning experience for us and our audience. I feel like a lot of people are confused in these times because there’s so much going on. We’re going on a journey of having important conversations.