The Lucas Bros. Tell Comedy Hype How They Create Material Together, And Why They Call Their Netflix Special ‘On Drugs’

Stand-up comedy is usually a solo effort. But with The Lucas Brothers, audiences get double the funny. Kenny and Keith Lucas are twin brothers with an unforgettable act. Now, The Lucas Brothers, Kenny and Keith are ready to debut their comedy special, “On Drugs”  set to premiere on Netflix, April 18th. Comedy Hype recently spoke with the comedic duo to get the scoop on the new special.


CH: Your debut comedy special, “On Drugs” premieres on Netflix, April 18th. What can we expect from your special, “On Drugs”?

KENNY: Specifically, we’re talking about the war on drugs and how it impacted our lives personally. We’re not trying to make any general statements. We can’t speak for everyone, but we can give our point of view.

KEITH: The more personal we make the material, the better it it’ll be. Audiences always connect with honesty and personal experiences, no matter what you’re talking about.

CH: The title, “On Drugs”, is a great name because it’s attention-grabbing and makes you want to watch. What inspired the name, “On Drugs”?

KENNY: I studied Philosophy in college. A common thing that philosophers do when naming their books, is to put, “On” in front of the book’s subject. For example, one my favorite philosophers is John Stuart Mill, and one of his most famous pieces of work is titled, “On Liberty”. So naming our special, “On Drugs” is kind of paying respect to one of my favorite philosophers.

Keith: We talk a lot about the war on drugs, so I found it to be a very fitting title for the special.

CH: Usually, stand up comedy material is generated from one person’s life experiences. But there’s two of you. So, what the process like when you sit down to write material?

KENNY: We always try to give each other creative breathing room. This allows us to create independent ideas. When we get together to write, we bring our ideas and begin to flesh them out and create solid material from the premises that we each have.

KEITH: Even though we have separate life experiences, we also have experiences together, such as our childhood, in which we both experienced. So we also try to draw from those collective experiences. And no matter what the material is, whether it be a separate or a collective experience, we always try to shape the material to where we can both utilize our abilities.

CH: Growing up, who were your biggest comedic influences?

KENNY: I would say it’s more about who and what our favorite things were, more than influences. In terms of stand up, our favorite people to watch were Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Steven Wright, Jerry Seinfeld. You know, the greats. We consumed so much comedy, that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly who influenced us, but those were some of our favorites to watch.

KEITH: Agreed. And Kenny touched on some of our favorite stand up things, but we also took a liking to visual projects. Such as “Chappelle’s Show”, “Seinfeld”, “The Big Lebowski”, and of course “Martin”, which is the greatest show ever. And that’s what we love about comedy; it comes from different cultures, but it connects with everyone. Comedy is a universal language, because everyone likes to laugh.

CH: You guys taped your new comedy special at The Bell House in Brooklyn. Why did you choose Brooklyn for the taping? Is there a certain facet about Brooklyn that you can’t find anywhere else?

KEITH: We chose Brooklyn for a number of reasons. For one, Brooklyn is where we started to develop who were are and what we’re striving to become. So, we just felt like it’d be great tap back into our Brooklyn roots and do our very first special back where it all started.

KENNY: We love Brooklyn and that’s where we cultivated our formative years. Also, we love Biggie and he’s from Brooklyn, so we wanted to pay respect to that. And actually, two of our biggest jokes in our new special are about Biggie, so it felt good to perform those in Brooklyn at Bell House.

CH: Aside from your new Netflix special, “On Drugs”, what else should The Lucas Brothers fans be looking out for?

KENNY: We’re currently working on a TV project with Comedy Central. We can’t go into the specifics just yet, but it’s a really fun and exciting thing to look forward to.

KEITH: We’re also developing a cartoon for TBS with a fresh premise and we can’t wait for everyone to see it. We’re very excited about our new comedy special and the other projects that we have coming up.


The Lucas Brothers’ new comedy special, “On Drugs” premieres on Netflix on April 18th.