Luenell Is Happy Nene Leakes Was Dropped From Tour For ‘Rape Joke’

This hasn’t been the best week for reality star, Nene Leakes. A few nights ago in Oakland, the known personality who recently ventured into comedy was caught up in a controversy. While on stage at this years Girls Nite Out show, Leakes was heckled and at one point hurled a rape joke towards an audience member. She would go on to tell the woman, “I hope he (An Uber Driver) rapes you tonight … b*tch.” Following the incident, Leakes would go on to receive backlash for the joke and it is now reported that she will no longer be on tour with RnB group Xscape. Luenell who has had some ongoing issues with Nene, took to her Instagram and pretty much rejoiced about the news. She would go on to screen-grab the headline news on Leakes and caption it, “N my @icecube voice…..Today is a Good Day!”

NeNe Leakes will no longer be hosting the Xscape reunion tour after dropping a disgusting rape clapback at a heckler during one of her stand-up gigs. Xscape released a statement Thursday morning saying they were “dismayed” by NeNe’s remarks. Although NeNe apologized, Xscape emphasized they came to the decision as supporters of all women, and stand by all female rape victims. They added, “This tour is for and about our fans and we want to provide an entertaining and enjoyable experience for every single person who attends.” They also wished NeNe the best as she “navigates this very difficult period.”


For those who missed the joke from Leakes, watch below.

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