Margaret Cho Pisses Off Comedy Club In New Jersey, People Walk Out Of Show

Over the weekend, comedian Margaret Cho looked to have angered a group of comedy club goers in New Jersey at The Stress Factory. TMZ went on to report that the crowd grew bothered by the show when Cho began to discuss being a rape victim and later transitioned to tell a few gay jokes. Of course some of what happened was caught on film, above.

Margaret Cho pissed off an entire comedy club, sparking fights as she went off about being a rape victim, and ripped into white audience members. TMZ obtained the video shot at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick, NJ Saturday night … and you can hear the crowd is restless and angry. Witnesses tell us Cho started her set with a “debbie downer” discussion of her rape, Garry Shandling’s death … and white people having it so easy. We’re told she also made several gay jokes, and at least one such punchline led to 2 men in the audience fighting. When much of the crowd had enough, they broke for the exit.


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