Mark Curry Speaks Out, Says He Should Be Given The Role Of Pryor: “I’m The Only One That Opened Up For Richard Pryor”

mark curry

Well its looking like everyone is wanting to play the legendary comedian Richard Pryor. From the likes of Marlon Wayans, Mike Epps, Nick Cannon and others have all been connected to star as Pryor. During a recent interview with BET, Mark Curry most popularly known from the series Hanging With Mr. Cooper has spoken out to say he really should be the person to play Rich P. Thoughts?

BET: There have been a lot of rumors swirling about a Richard Pryor biopic. Who do you think should play him?
CURRY: Me.I think I’m the only one that opened up for Richard Pryor. I opened up for Richard Pryor in 1992. I had a conversation with him. All those other comedians can say what they want about what they did, but I opened up for the man. Paul Mooney and I are probably the only ones that can say that. Who better than me? Nick Cannon? Come on. They just said no to him. Richard Pryor’s son called him on the phone, Nick Cannon was talking shit, and he said, “F**k you. You’re not doing it.”
BET: When you opened up for him did he give you any game that you still use today?
CURRY: Yes he did. That was the first thing I asked him. I didn’t even say hi, I asked him for the game. He gave me game that I’ll never share, but I can say that Richard Pryor taught me how to write.

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  1. Don’t have to put any1 down to get a spot ! Plus he just bombed at Uptown comedy corner . 2 times in a row Friday Night walked the crowd right out the front Doors.

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