Marlon Wayans Begins Filming ’50 Shades Of Black’ Comedy

kali hawk

After scouting out a few locations, Marlon Wayans is ready to begin filming his parody of the erotic film, ’50 Shades Of Grey’. The last time he spoke with Comedy Hype, Marlon explained that he doesn’t look to bash the original film but rather bring to life an opportunity of jokes. Today he shared that the filming has officially started and he has went on to reveal a few names we can expect in the project including Affion Crockett, and actress Kali Hawk (photoed below). Apart of his preparation to the film, he has been hitting the gym hard and from the looks of his Instagram isn’t shy about showing off the results. 50 Shades Of Black is set to be in theaters on January 29th 2016.

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