Marlon Wayans ‘Fifty Shades Of Black’ Gets Release Date For Early 2016

marlon wayans

In May, news got out that Marlon Wayans was working on a new spoof on erotic film ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey. Today it was revelaed that the film will move forward with Open Road Films, with an expected release set for January of next year.

Open Road Films has nabbed all U.S. distribution rights to the Marlon Wayans spoof comedy Fifty Shades of Black. IM Global is producing and financing the project, which was presented to buyers at the Cannes Film Festival. There it sparked a bidding war, with multiple studios and indies vying for the project. It came down to The Weinstein Company, Relativity Media and Open Road, which prevailed partly due to a relationship between Wayans and IM Global with Open Road on the hit spoof A Haunted House. Wayans will star in and write the Fifty Shades of Grey send-up with longtime collaborator Rick Alvarez. Stuart Ford is producing alongside Wayans and Alvarez. IM Global’s Matt Jackson, Glendon Palmer and Steve Squillante are executive producing. Fifty Shades of Black is scheduled to shoot this summer in Los Angeles. Open Road Films is planning a wide release for January 29, 2016.


When the announcement was made, Marlon told Comedy Hype what fans can expect from spoof.

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